Technology that REALLY WORKS for research sites: Maximize your site’s performance

Date: May 24, 2016 12:00 PM EST

As sites become more sophisticated and the demand for greater efficiencies increases, leveraging technology is an obvious place to turn. But what are the right platforms that REALLY WORK, and what are the challenges to implementation and practical use? In this ClinEdge Webinar, hear from industry-leading professionals who have the hands-on experience with site management and implementing technology to improve quality and efficiency.

What you will take away from this seminar:

  • Learn about the various systems that can help improve site performance
  • Advantages of these systems and resulting efficiencies
  • Challenges to implementation and pitfalls to look out for


Rick Greenfield

BBA – CEO, RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

Rick has over 13 years of site management experience and helped to build one of the largest standalone multi-specialty research sites in the US. He also invented RealTime-CTMS and continues to develop leading technologies such as RealTime-TEXT, RealTime-PAY and RealTime-eDOCS that help to improve site efficiency, organization and quality.

Jeff Stein

President of Stamford Therapeutics Consortium

Jeff Stein serves as the president of Stamford Therapeutics Consortium. He purchased the company in the summer of 2007 after a 15 yr career on Wall Street, a multi year stint as the managing partner of a nursing home chain in New Jersey and various small business investments that included active involvement in senior management positions. During his ownership of STC the company has moved to expand into new therapeutic areas of research through partnerships with several local medical groups and has implemented technologies to improve efficiency and enhance business results. Most recently he added another research site to the mix with the acquisition of New England Research Associates in the summer of 2015.


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