Significant changes are affecting the site landscape, how will your site be impacted in the future?

There have been significant changes to the clinical research site landscape within the past two years. As we get deeper into 2016, how can site owners learn, adapt, and even be aware of any processes to ensure their business is equipped for future site development? Christian Burns, the President of ClinEdge and BlueTheory Clinical Trials will discuss the state of the standalone clinical research site, benefits of being in a network, strategies to consider that will optimize business operations of a site, possible future exit strategies.

Some of these areas include:

  • CROs and Sponsors are seeking alliances with networks and sites.
  • CROs are beginning to acquire networks and specifically sites.
  • What is your site’s future exit strategy?


Christian Burns

President of Clinical Operations and Marketing

Christian oversees day to day operations, project manages clients, and executes tasks at many levels for both divisions of ClinEdge.

“At ClinEdge we are all entrepreneurs in our own way. Our teams create something for our customers that has real instrumental value. At ClinEdge and in life we believe that risk is a necessary component of progress. These visions drive both myself and the team to push ClinEdge to new limits.”


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