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Paperless Systems and Remote Monitoring: An Industry Opportunity to Improve Trial Oversight, Data Monitoring, and Data Delivery without EDC

Date: Sep 10, 2020 8:00 AM EST

Sponsors and CROs are looking for technologies that offer remote monitoring and increased visibility of data and records, while reducing overall trial costs by eliminating the need for EDC. This webinar will provide insight into how Sponsors and CROs can adopt compliant technology that brings efficiencies to the data collection, data monitoring, and final data delivery process.



Rick Greenfield

CEO | RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

Rick Greenfield, BBA-IS has over 19 years’ experience in clinical research. Rick helped to build one of the largest multi-specialty phase 1-4 research centers in the US, managed and owned a boutique CRO, and founded the leading software company, RealTime Software Solutions, LLC, specializing in global Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) for Site, Sponsors and CROs. Rick helps to inspire the RealTime Team to leverage leading software concepts that deliver exceptional solutions and workflows around the world. RealTime is the leader of paperless systems such as eSOURCE and eDOCS that provide the best of compliance, efficiency and visibility for all stakeholders of the clinical trials process.

Nathan Levens

Director of Virtual Solutions and Technology | RealTime Software Solutions, LLC

Nathan Levens, Director of Virtual Solutions and Technology for RealTime Software Solutions, LLC, has over 12 years of clinical research experience and spent over 4 years as the Quality Assurance Manager for one of the largest multi-specialty, phase 1-4 research sites in the US. Nathan has a deep understanding of research site processes and regulatory compliance challenges that shape our industry. He now teaches sites and sponsors how to transition from paper-based regulatory and source documentation processes to electronic solutions, such as RealTime-eDOCS and RealTime-eSOURCE, to boost efficiency, drive compliance, and improve collaboration between sites and sponsors.


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