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Increasing your Earnings through Efficiency: Getting ahead through Planning and Execution

The purpose of this webinar is to illustrate how increased communications and efficiencies leads to increased earnings and overall site success. In this webinar you will learn about planning ahead for each trial and how to become a better site operationally and financially. Learning how to pivot faster from startup to enrollment will increase site revenue and allow you to hit numbers faster and cheaper which will affect your bottom line. We will touch on budget negotiations, internal and external communications, streamlining enrollment and fixed vendor agreements.

This webinar will focus on:

  • Planning – budget and protocol review

  • Weekly staff meetings – increased communication internally and externally to alleviate any delays

  • Lean personnel per study – less expensive to run the trial more profit for the site

  • Streamlining from startup to enrollment – the faster you screen the more green!

  • Outlining vendor agreements - fixed costs are easier to predict and allow for more leverage during negotiations when costs are known ahead of time ie MRI, dry ice, labs, etc.

  • Quarterly financial reviews – What worked? What didn’t?  Let’s not make the same mistake twice


  • Decreasing timeframe for negotiations – faster to screen equals more green
  • Establishing vendor costs ahead of time. Annual agreements and fixed costs are easier to predict and plan for
  • Increased communications from within – everyone is on the same page and more effective
  • Too many cooks in the kitchen – protocol review to see how much staff is actually needed for each trial.

Chris Monaghan

Associate Director of Site Strategy

Chris is the Associate Director of Site Strategy at BTC Network. Previously, he worked in credit and collections where his customer service skills were used to manage a large AR and protect company assets through contract review and negotiation. He utilizes his current and previous skills to maximize profitability for his clients and establish new relationships within the field of clinical research. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his two daughters, working on his house and watching the New England sports teams in action.


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