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Breaking Into New Therapeutic Areas

Date: Nov 17, 2016 12:00 PM EST

Thinking of branching into new therapeutic areas but not sure where to start? This webinar, presented by Riley Kammer and Mallory Thomas from ClinEdge Network, focuses on a variety of tactics that have been effective in breaking into new therapeutic areas while also building up patient databases.

This webinar shares strategies that your research site can utilize in order to grow, along with reasons why you might want to break into new areas and study opportunities.

We cover the following topics:
-How to decide which indication is right for your site;
-How to insure you can conduct a study in your chosen indication; and
-Feasibility Tips & Tricks for new therapeutic areas and indications .


Riley Kammer & Mallory Thomas

ClinEdge Network

Mallory is the Senior Associate Director of Clinical Operations at ClinEdge. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Trinity College and has previous experience in oral health literacy research. Riley is the Associate Director of Clinical Operations at ClinEdge. He holds a bachelor’s degree in from Boston University and has previous experience in the healthcare financial sector. They work with both sites and sponsors/CRO in a variety of capacities to optimize and streamline the site selection process. They provide personalized business development to a network of elite research sites and are constantly finding new ways to make site processes operationally efficient.


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