Patient Recruitment & Retention Solutions

Exceed enrollment goals with services that strategically attract, engage, and observe patients throughout your entire study.

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Study Branding & Websites
  • Enrollment & Retention
  • National & Local Outreach Campaigns

Patient-Centered Services for Recruitment, Enrollment, and Retention

The evolving healthcare landscape requires agility, constant adaptation, and novel ways to effectively communicate with all stakeholders involved in the patient journey. ClinEdge brings nuanced expertise in clinical differentiation, patient access challenges, and patient services, to inform and optimize marketing and recruitment efforts across stakeholders.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

With experience across most therapeutic areas, we recruit patients using technology, social media, and traditional methods to ensure a diversified marketing strategy targeting the right patients, for the right studies.

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Study Branding & Websites

Whether it's creating a unique study brand, designing patient materials, or developing a study website, ClinEdge's design team understands how to relate to the patient community through creative, impactful design. We can adapt materials to meet country specific needs on a global scale such as language translations and cultural adaptations.

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Enrollment & Retention

ClinEdge's highly trained enrollment center can handle both large and small volume clinical trials with adaptive pricing structures that enable effective pre-screening, appointment reminders, and integrated site technology to improve timelines. Our Enrollment Specialists are skilled at navigating complex protocols, and addressing patient concerns to support recruitment and engagement.

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National & Local Outreach Campaigns

ClinEdge leverages the power of advocacy, support groups, physicians, and other local organizations in order to drive referrals to participating study sites. Utilizing the resources offered by these groups is an impactful way to engage with patients and caregivers, as patients associate a high level of credibility and trust for the information shared with these organizations.

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