Patient Navigator Services

In some studies, patients may have up to 10 different contacts throughout their study journey adding unneeded stress to the patient experience. How do we reduce the burden on the patient? ClinEdge has developed a centralized point of contact for each patient called a Patient Navigator. The patient navigator is solely focused on building and maintaining a relationship with the patient and caregiver, while ensuring the study deliverables are built through an individualized patient roadmap.

  • Visit Reminders
  • Perform Study Related Screenings
  • Conduct Study Assessments
  • Home Health Care Logistics Management
  • Transportation Booking & Assistance
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Other Remote Services Available Through Telemedicine

Adapting our strategies to enhance the patient experience

A clinical trial patient navigator is the go-to resource for participants and their caregivers. The Navigator will act as the liaison for participants, connecting them to physician sites, local healthcare facilities including HCPs, advocacy and support groups, and other related care facilities. Navigators are experienced in addressing clinical trial related patient sensitivities, can provide study education with pre-screening capabilities, support study related compliance and follow-ups, coordinate transportation and can conduct remote study assessments. Our Patient Navigators effectively and compassionately assist patients and their caregivers through critical periods of the study assessment and provide support throughout their entire study journey.

Lab & IP Management

Assistance with lab tests, monitoring, reporting and IP management

Study Screenings

Screen patients through an IRB approved script, confirm diagnosis and medical history.

Home Health Care Management

Ensuring patients are supported and treatment requirements are met.

Transportation Coordination

Patients receive assistance in coordinating travel to and from the study site.

Reimbursement Assistance

Patients receive reimbursements for any out of pocket expenses they incur while going to and from study visits.


Virtual heath support through adapted technology services.

You were always reassuring, and took care of me as if I was your only patient.


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Patient Navigator Services

Increase Support, Decrease Dropouts

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