Home Trial Services

ClinEdge offers a blend of global Home Trial Services in over 50 countries. ClinEdge manages and centralizes all trial requirements, acting as the one point of contact to completely remove the burden from the Patient and the Research Study Team (CRA, CRC).

  • Direct-to-Patient Visits
  • Lab & IP Management
  • Rating Scales
  • Communication & Reporting

Bring your trial directly to the patient.

With our robust Home Trial Services capabilities, ClinEdge expands the reach of the clinical trial by bringing the trial directly to the patient. We offer a wide range of options to meet any study’s requirements and each patient’s specific needs. Reach the unreachable with ClinEdge’s Home Trial Services!

Direct to Patient Visits

Specializing in clinical trials and home trial visit completion.

Lab & IP Management

Patients can provide samples for many laboratory tests from the comfort of their own home. IP shipment, transport, and storage solutions to meet even the most demanding industry standards.

Rating Scales

Highly trained raters provide consistent administration of the relevant scales in the comfort of patients’ homes, ensuring reliable data. Assistance in measuring the reliability, validity, and responsiveness of your clinical trial and the intended outcome.

Communication & Reporting

A central point of contact will be provided for the lab, home trial specialist, site, and patient, who will be facilitating communication and proper study execution, as well as providing day-to-day oversight and support.


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