Quality patient leads, ready to enroll

ClinEdge's highly trained enrollment center can handle both large and small volume clinical trials with adaptive pricing structures that enable effective pre-screening, appointment reminders, and integrated site technology to improve timelines. Our Enrollment Specialists are skilled at navigating complex protocols, and addressing patient concerns to support recruitment and engagement.

  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Patient Pre-screening Tools
  • Patient Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Study Protocol Visit Assessments

Enrollment Center Support Patient Engagement and Retention

Our Patient Enrollment Specialists carefully review each study protocol before pre-screening patients. By understanding the specifics of each study, our team phone screens and forwards only the most applicable potential patients to research sites.

Global Pre-screening

Development of Pre-Screen Questionnaires, Pre-screening Interested Patients, Warm Transfer of Patients to Site Contact, Engagement Support

Referral Source/Community Outreach

Development of a Patient Profile; Research and Attendance of Local Community Events, Coordinating Lunch and Learns, Staffing Support

Patient Retention

Patient Reminders via Text, Phone or Email, Patient Compliance Plans, Real-time Patient Tracking, Site Communication and Patient Lead Updates

Site Recruitment Support

Development of a Site Communication Plan, Liaison Between Site and Patient, Address Recruitment Hurdles, Collaboration with Sponsor/CRO to Ensure No Overlap Responsibilities, Enrollment Activity Reports

Remote Database Outreach

Chart Review through Business Associate Agreement to identify potential patients, Pre-screening and Direct Scheduling; Sites provide Enrollment Team with an Excel Workbook Patient List

Source Development and eCapture

Development of Source to Ensure Identical Collection of Data Points Across the Program; Completion of phone visits, Collection of Adverse Events; EDC Entry within 24 hours of Completed Visits

Our company’s purpose and mission has always been to improve the site and patient clinical study journey and by executing on this new category of trial support, we will help evolve the paradigm of the current trial workflow and allow for recurring processes to be realized.


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Enrollment & Retention for Sponsors

By understanding the specifics of each study, our team phone screens and forwards only the most applicable potential patients to research sites.

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