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Branding Your Clinical Trial

There are thousands of clinical trials currently enrolling patients at any given time…how can you make yours stand out from the rest? What will help patients relate to, and sites remember, a clinical trial? The answer lies within your trial’s visual branding.

Why Your Site Could Benefit from Joining a Site Network

Sponsors and CROs are constantly seeking streamlined approaches to access high quality research sites suitable for their trials. One of the most efficient ways that a site can push themselves further up the site selection list is by joining a reputable site network. Learn about more benefits to joining a site network in our white paper.

What to Include in Your Website Redesign

As the internet evolves and adapts to new devices, functions and technology, you may find your once “cutting edge” clinical website is beginning to look dated or not function properly across the different devices potential patients are using to access your website. Learn more about what to include in your website redesign to ensure your finished product is exactly as expected!

A Simple Guide to Social Media for Clinical Trials

Last spring, over 12,000 people, including 746 doctors and at least 500 patients, logged onto the social media platform Twitter and “live-tweeted” their reactions to Ken Burns’ new documentary on cancer. In just three days, thousands of people had participated, often sharing emotional stories about how cancer had touched their lives.

Facebook As a Patient Recruitment Tool

Many organizations, including big name pharma companies and research sites all over the world, are beginning to take advantage of the full power of social media to recruit patients to clinical trials. According to Brandwatch.com, of the 7 billion people in the world, over 3 billion are internet users, and over 2 billion are social media users.

What Sponsors & CROs Really Want to See in a Site’s Feasibility Questionnaire

When it is time for Sponsors and CROs to determine which sites are right for their studies, a feasibility questionnaire is a site’s first opportunity to make an impression and to decide on whether the study may be a good match. In this whitepaper, Christian Burns, President of ClinEdge, discusses strategies that sites often overlook when submitting their feasibilities.

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