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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Sep 25, 2020 •

Guest Post: Why Conferences Are Valuable to Your Brand and Business

Attending a conference, either virtual or in person, is a great way for you to expand your brand and network with others within the life sciences industry. When we come together in a conference setting, our goals align to advance clinical research and development. Even in the midst of a pandemic, conferences are expanding their offerings and increasing the ways you can get involved.

One conference series, CNS Summit has had an interesting approach to 2020 – they have transitioned to a year-round community offering access to networking and knowledge for their community.

1) Catalysts for Collaboration

When people within the same goals gather, it’s a catalyst for collaboration. This collaboration is often spearheaded by keynote speakers and presenters. A good example of that is the upcoming CNS Summit as they are bringing in industry leading speakers to interact with their community.

2) One-to-One Networking

We are finding that one thing most people are lacking this year is networking. While it may seem difficult due to social distancing regulations, many community-driven organizations are thinking outside the box. CNS Summit broke the mold and held its first of many two-day networking events. Throughout the year, participants can:

  • Request and accept networking meetings with participants
  • Send and receive messages from other participants
  • Get concierge support to assist in introduction

3) Social Events

It’s more important than ever to stay connected, and it’s important to find communities and conference series that offer more than business as usual. Find ways to participate in fun, virtual events such as interactive tastings, live shows, community happy hours, and more!

4) Podcast Access

Many conferences are expanding their offerings by providing additional content and resources like podcasts. For example, you can now stream the CNS Summit Podcast. This innovative podcast series is designed to share the insights and information shared by CNS Summit leaders – past, present, and future (you can subscribe here).

5) Fun and collaboration with community

This year – the most important thing you can do is find collaborative, engaging events – whether virtual or in-person. If you need further proof, take a look at what past participants have to say about the CNS Summit.

Are you ready to be a part of innovation and collaboration? Join ClinEdge and register for the 2020 CNS Summit .

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This is a guest blog post, written by Denise Cannon.


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