Travel Coordination Simplified for Patients and Sites

Al Peters, VP, ClinEdge

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The success of a clinical trial study is incumbent on myriad factors, not the least among these being the collection and curation of quality data and the impact of the patient experience on the overall process. Effectively navigating patient transportation logistics preserves retention rates and supports study completion. To address these challenges, ClinEdge has developed two avenues, with a focus on customization and personalization for patient travel with their Prime and Enterprise models.

 “We’re bringing it to a whole new level,” said Al Peters, Vice President of ClinEdge.

“Both models add value in letting patients have access to studies they wouldn’t typically have, because planning and compensating for travel is simplified. The goal is to boost patient satisfaction within the parameters of the given study budget.”

The Prime model is a lighter touch strategy for tech-savvy patients participating in clinical trials. Travel is requested directly from
the patient when needed via a desktop app or by phone. The travel team is available to provide support 24/7. As a result of this streamlined process, it is a cost-effective option.

Prime is ideal for studies with:

  • primary care indications
  • virtual trials
  • AE/SAE low risk
  • no compliance concerns
  • lower number of itineraries
  • lower budgets 

The Enterprise model offers a higher, premium touch strategy and is an ideal choice for sites and sponsors working with patients with complex medical and travel needs. It is also beneficial for research-naïve sites involved in the clinical trial process that need assistance with protocol compliance pain points. 

Enterprise best serves studies with:

  • complex, rare, and orphan indications
  • AE/SAE risk is high
  • numerous protocol compliance concerns
  • medical transportation and necessary, additional personal care
  • medication/dosing assistance
  • sites that need proactive visit monitoring
  • data complexity

A hybrid of both models—Prime and Enterprise—is available for clients.

“This is going to help the industry because we’re offering a more comprehensive service for global clinical trials that are expanding research. We’re replicating the clinical coordination experience and the CRC’s (Clinical Research Coordinator) relationship with the patient. As a result, we’re seeing 100% compliance on patient visits which is unheard of,” Al said.

There are important advantages to implementing the Prime or Enterprise model. Studies are enrolled more quickly and efficiently, contributing to overall cost reductions“…in the millions per study,” advised Al. Patient safety and the quality of data are increased. Overall patient experience with the clinical trial process is vastly improved. Automating systems also minimizes deviations, further reducing the burden on the site.

 “We look at the different variables and customize services based on certain factors to create
the best plan possible,” Al explained.


To discuss how the Prime and Enterprise models can benefit managing and conducting your study,

contact a ClinEdge representative at 857-496-0054 or


Al Peters, VP, ClinEdge interviewed by Melissa Daley, Content Marketing Specialist


Al Peters

Post by Al Peters

Al Peters has over 20 years of experience in the clinical research field. He is one of the founders of Beacon Clinical Research, LLC, a multi-specialty phase I-IV research facility in Massachusetts and is currently the acting Director of Clinical Operations of BTC of New Bedford. His expertise is very useful when undergoing business development plans, site growth, marketing campaigns, handling, and study contract and budget negotiations. Al currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife and two young daughters.

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