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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Jan 25, 2022 •

Key Benefits of the Elligo Model for Research Sites

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies have been conducting studies with decentralized components; in fact, about 15% of clinical research within the next few years is predicted to be conducted without a brick and mortar research site. Elligo has created an innovative alternative, the Elligo Research Model — protecting your bottom line and keeping patients at your site. This blog outlines the key benefits of how your site can benefit from the Elligo Research Model.

More Opportunities

Elligo Health Research® delivers more opportunities through healthcare. Traditional recruitment methods are constrained by limitations such as patient proximity to a specific site where research is conducted. Research has also shown that patients prefer to engage in a study with their trusted healthcare physician.

Only Elligo removes common barriers to trial participation by maximizing patient centricity in clinical research. Our platform is able to execute traditional site-based, hybrid, and decentralized clinical trial models — whatever method is most convenient for the patient. And because Elligo’s model incorporates local physicians as lead investigators, patients can maintain their physician relationship during the trial.

Greater Access

The traditional approach to clinical trial enrollment relies on sites to identify patients, which is an inefficient model that slows down trial startup times. The Elligo Research Model gives sites direct access to known patients through ResearchConnect®, our HIPAA-compliant identified healthcare data access platform. ResearchConnect helps us identify trials before they start.


PoweredBy is a partnership model in which Elligo Health Research provides extensive end-to-end business development, regulatory, operational, and clinical support services and technology to enable our healthcare partners’ research teams to engage in clinical research successfully and sustainably.

Our PoweredBy model also includes access to IntElligo® Research Stack, our state-of-the-art technology platform. IntElligo provides flexible and agile multitherapeutic and geographic reach, enabling access to a spectrum of physicians and patients, while ensuring the integrity of your data.

Don’t lose business to site-less trials. Boost your revenue while giving your patients greater access to research as care with Elligo. Contact us today to learn more about our Elligo Research Model and how your site can take advantage of our FREE ResearchConnect installations.


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