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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Jan 05, 2022 •

As the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization, it is our mission to provide everyone with easy access to clinical research, even as we continue to trend toward site-less trials. Some analysts have predicted up to 15% of clinical research in the next few years can be conducted without involving a brick and mortar research site. As a research site, the future of site-less trials can be concerning and pose many challenges.

Introducing the Elligo Research Model

Elligo has created an innovative alternative to site-less trials - protecting your bottom line, and keeping patients at your site. Through innovative approaches, Elligo is able to “find the patient first,” accelerating the pace of clinical trials.

How it Works

The Elligo Research Model is structured to have a central office in place for each trial, led by an Elligo Medical Director serving as the overall central coordinating investigator for the trial. Participating sites will then work with the Elligo central office throughout the duration of the trial.

As the central coordinating investigator, the Elligo Medical Director is supported by a cross functional research team within Elligo. The research team is then responsible for engaging with sites that have been pre-identified via EHR searches to have robust, potentially qualifying patient populations. We partner with interested investigators in those organizations to further refine the target patient population. Elligo also has available resources if needed to assist with or fully take on the responsibility of patient recruitment on behalf of the site at no charge.

The Elligo central office doesn’t just aid in patient recruitment and screening; it also handles all IRB documentation, reporting, establishment of vendors, and more. If you are an organization that works with a local IRB, we will coordinate with you as we are working with the central IRB. The central office also assumes the primary liaison role with the sponsor for study activity, the enrollment process, and training participating sites on behalf of the sponsor. Participating sites can expect fewer on-site visits from sponsors since the Elligo central office will be largely taking on that responsibility. The central office also arranges any trial aspects that involve Telehealth or Home Health, and all EDC capture, entry and query management.

Participating Sites Role

We aim to partner with Local Clinical Investigators and research teams at participating sites with an interest in the trial and potentially qualified patients. Our goal is to assume as many of the administrative and operational responsibilities on the trial as we can, so that you, the participating site, can focus on the on-site trial aspects, building on the trusted physician-patient relationship to collaborate on screening of patients and conducting the on-site aspects of the clinical trial.

Want to learn more?

Only Elligo enables patient centricity in clinical research - contact us today to learn more about our Elligo Research Model and how your site can take advantage of our FREE ResearchConnect® installations.


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