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Jun 24, 2020 •


During these challenging times brought about by the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, we are staying proactive and sharing business insights into how to stay productive. We invite you to visit this page periodically, as we are continuously updating it with our webinars and other resources.

To help cope with the unusual circumstances of large portions of the workforce performing their duties remotely, we are scheduling a weekly webinar series called Adjusting & Managing the COVID-19 Epidemic in Real Time. Register for our upcoming webinar or find links to past webinars from the series below:


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Patient Travel Service Statement During COVID-19 Crisis

Patient safety is our top priority at ClinEdge. We fully support that patients should feel comfortable traveling to and from study visits. Download our patient travel service statement below to learn how we are handling critical aspect of our operations in light of the current Coronavirus crisis.

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ClinEdge and BTC Networks Service Statement During COVID-19 Crisis

Given the FDA’s guidance on clinical trials of medical products during the COVID-19 pandemic (which you can download above), we have taken a number of measures to ensure we continue to work responsibly and transparently. Read the full document by downloading our statement below.

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ClinEdge is Offering Complimentary Services to Help Solve the COVID-19 Pandemic

ClinEdge is offering several of its comprehensive patient services free of charge to any pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducting clinical vaccine trials for the coronavirus.

Download the One Sheet


FDA Guidance on Clinical Trials of Medical Products During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is providing guidance on clinical trial during the current crisis. As usual with all FDA guidance documents, there are no legally enforceable responsibilities associated with this one. However, any organization working in the industry, investigators, and institutional review boards should familiarize themselves with this coronavirus-related guidance.

Read FDA Document

COVID-19 Study Intel

Sites are making new accommodations to ensure patient and staff safety are the highest priority.

The letter template can be utilized for sites to outline their concerns surrounding potential budget amendments. This may help to increase their budget regarding things like remote-based monitoring and additional supplies they are needing to purchase because of COVID-19.

Site Level Expense Template outlines some items that may need to be added to their study budgets as a means of continuing their studies during this time.


COVID-19 Sponsor notice - Site Template COVID-19 Site Level Expenses


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