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Author: ClinEdge Staff

Apr 28, 2020 •

Boston, MA – ClinEdge, a global pharmaceutical and site clinical trial solutions provider, announces a dedicated offering to support clinical development efforts as study landscape shifts due to the COVID-19 crisis. The enhanced ClinEdge product line called “Community Clinical Study Services” is a unique blend of remote, patient-centric, community based clinical trial services that streamlines the clinical trial process and connects participating sites, labs and patients through central communication, education, and training to ensure that patient visits can be conducted virtually, in person, or within the comforts of their home.

ClinEdge partners with both research sites and pharmaceutical companies to procure and conduct clinical trials, manage patient recruitment and retention campaigns, and construct and execute patient engagement strategies.  The Community Clinical Study Service model plugs into ongoing or upcoming studies with a blended home health care integration that includes at-home visit completion, staffing, IP & lab shipping, handling and courier services. With telemedicine enabled remote visit assessments and implementation of our patient navigators, our technology enables patient source to be tracked seamlessly and accordingly while complying with FDA guidelines and stay at home guidelines.

ClinEdge has been uniquely accommodating needs for both site and pharmaceutical partners, utilizing the same central service offering that enables pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s to enhance study management. Through a central point of contact, ClinEdge ensures each component meets the regulatory guidelines and enables superior patient care.

The new suite of service enhancement is powered by the ClinEdge technology platform which includes a digital solution with remote access to patient participation within clinical studies at all of our sites.  Staff and patients are able to prevent trial delays associated with patient accrual and data capture and monitoring when the ability to travel is constrained.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand of our trial support services, mainly our ability to deploy and manage global Home Care visits, IP and lab logistics, remote care via telehealth, and enabling remote based monitoring through Esource technology” said Christian Burns, Co-Founder of ClinEdge. 

Al Peters, Co-Founder of ClinEdge adds “We are uniquely positioned to help contribute to change. Our company’s mission has always been to streamline the site process and positively impact the patient clinical study journey.  By executing on this new category of trial support, we will continue to help evolve the current trial workflow and allow for recurring processes to be realized.”

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About ClinEdge

ClinEdge, a portfolio company of ClinX, provides a full suite of clinical and outsourced business services to clinical research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and CRO’s.  The company includes a global site network of research clinics, marketing and creative design services, patient recruitment, and patient travel services.  With extensive experience in medical indications representing most therapeutic areas, the company has helped clients successfully conduct thousands of clinical studies by, maximizing clinical research operations, minimizing enrollment times, and improving overall business performance.  To learn more about ClinEdge visit


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