Biomarkers Could Give Early Warnings of Cardiovascular Disease

The EU-MASCARA (markers for sub-clinical cardiovascular risk assessment) project aims to apply new biomarkers that will help clinical practitioners in risk prediction and early intervention for cardiovascular disease. The most robust biomarkers will be implemented in novel biochip based evaluations for clinical use.

The goal of these biomarkers is to detect very early stages of cardiovascular diseases that have yet to cause symptoms in the patients. This could help medical staff assess a patient's risk for developing symptomatic disease and therefore provide earlier preventive treatment. This will not only cut healthcare costs, but also save lives from cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death around the world.

High cholesterol and increased blood pressure have been linked to higher levels of risk of cardiovascular disease, however, there has yet to be an exact assessment of these. Therefore, there is not an exact way of predicting the cardiovascular health of a person yet. This is where the EU-MASCARA project comes in. So far urine and blood samples from 350 patients with and without hypertension have been analyzed to select molecules that could potentially indicate cardiovascular disease risk. The project has also collected data to identify biomarkers from an additional 800 patients.

The EU-MASCARA project team has already been able to develop peptides, to be measured in urine, that have demonstrated an effectiveness in predicting cardiovascular occurrences such as heart attacks. This shows that these peptide panels could possibly pick up on early stages of cardiovascular disease, giving health professionals time to prevent the progression of the disease.

The EU-MASCARA project is scheduled to be completed in May 2016.

February is National Heart Month! Remember to keep your heart healthy this month, and every month.


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