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Having trouble staffing your site?

Filling research site positions within the ever-changing clinical research industry is an extremely daunting task for HR departments and small business owners. Finding the right person for the job is never guaranteed. To help your site overcome these obstacles and optimize your facility’s capabilities, ClinEdge has developed a matching system to fit your site staffing needs.

ClinEdge’s eStaffing service utilizes a team of experts who will match coordinators and physicians fitting specific criteria for positions at clinical research sites and health system organizations.

After understanding your site’s specific job requirements and budget, our eStaffing team will develop a personalized recruitment plan based on what is most important to your facility.

Our team takes multiple approaches to filling positions such as curating tailored job descriptions, filtering through our database of potential candidates and strategically posting positions on external sources.

Connect with a specialist today:

ClinEdge eStaffing will minimize the energy and the resources research sites use while trying to find the best candidates. A qualified list of candidates will be provided to you based off of completed site-specific questionnaires developed by our team of experts. These completed questionnaires will assist our team in determining a good employee from a great employee and will help provide you with only the strongest candidates for your site.

Benefits of estaffing

Access to quality prescreened candidates

We take on the work of finding applicants and performing interviews off your plate. We will only send your site qualified candidates along with the prescreening questions and answers to review.

Flexibility to balance your trial portfolio

Ever find your site in the position where a great study opportunity appears, but you do not have the resources on hand to take it on? We can help place trial specific clinical trial staff to help you take on the studies you want!

We understand research staffing needs through our direct experience at sites and research institutions

Our success in placing research staff comes from our experience working at research facilities first-hand. What better agency to put your staffing needs in than a company comprised of research site specialists dedicated to this industry!

Strategic and customized recruitment plan developed for your sites individual needs

Our customized recruitment plan is developed from direct conversations with your site to ensure we capture and deliver candidates with skills and experience most important to you.

Candidates will have access to a comprehensive package of training and certification programs

We partner with training modules to keep clinical research staff up to date and certified at all times.

No buy-out fee

Unlike other staffing agencies, eStaffing has no buy-out fee. We want to place your site with candidates you think are worthwhile, therefore, we believe you should not be penalized with a buy-out fee, should we succeed!

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