Synthesizing Online Patient Recruitment with Community Outreach

As patient recruitment budgets shrink and inclusion/exclusion criteria become increasingly complex, both sites and sponsors are looking for new, cost-effective ways to find qualified patients.

In response to these potentiating challenges, a variety of focused recruitment tactics have begun to gain momentum. Two tactics in particular have come into the spotlight: online engagement and community outreach. Online recruitment can be used to reduce costs and connect with potential patients. Community outreach incorporates online recruitment initiatives alongside in-person engagement to increase both recruitment and retention.

Over the course of several blogs, we’ll share a variety of tactics and strategies successfully executed as a means of growing patient databases and meeting enrollment goals across a variety of therapeutic areas. We will discuss community outreach across social media and blogging platforms, strategic events, email and newsletter campaigns, organic referrals (word of mouth), and relationship building.

On a broad level, community outreach refers to the practice of, ‘identifying and connecting with local groups, organizations, and locations that provide access to potential patients.’

Community outreach is best used to accomplish two goals:

1) To establish and grow your site/study presence within a community.
2) To grow a patient database and recruit potential patients.

Although the second goal is more tangible and easily quantified, establishing a trusted and expert local presence is an important catalyst to database growth and patient recruitment. Incorporating online initiatives is a cost- and time- effective way to accomplish both goals. Now that you know the what and why of community engagement, stay tuned for the how! Our upcoming blog will share best practices for executing successful patient recruitment.

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