Patient Recruitment During the Holidays, Part I

“Should we invest in Patient Recruitment during the holidays?”

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we get this time of year from our clinical research sponsor, CROs, and site clients. So, should you invest in specific recruitment tactics and should these tactics run through the holidays? Here at ClinEdge we have years of experience running campaigns throughout the year, and have weighed out the pros and cons for you to make a more informed decision as we approach the peak of the holiday season.


  • People have more free time. Think about it, this is the time of the year people are taking vacations, or are otherwise free of work, school and other obligations (so it’s not just students but all age populations?). This is a perfect time to target ideal candidates for your study.
  • Potential patients more likely to be searching for paid healthcare opportunities. This follows the point above about users having more free time but it also opens the doors for those with a more financial need to look at the options available.
  • Perfect timing for awareness campaign. Since most families gather to celebrate each holiday, usually with a dinner or gathering of some sort. This can facilitate word-of-mouth or online sharing of information among family members and friends.
  • “New year, new you” mindset. The new year means new beginnings and the “new start” mindset may encourage follow-up on existing symptoms/conditions.


  • Vacation usually means travel. People are traveling and may not be nearby their actual home when seeing information on studies. Getting patients to commit to study visits during this season can be difficult due to travel/weather impediments.
  • Highly competitive. Since most other industries are using ad dollars around this time, radio time slots or other traditional advertising slots are either taken or more expensive since it’s a competitive time of the year.

Now that we have pin-pointed the most prominent pros and cons for patient recruitment, we also wanted to provide some insight from our own experience in recruiting patients this time of year.

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