Digital Recruitment: Changing the Face of Clinical Trials

Over the years, clinical trials have changed drastically— there are tighter regulations, shifts in patient demographics, and new emerging markets. Among these vast changes is the introduction of digital recruitment. With the increasing number of patients using the Internet to search for healthcare diagnoses and health-related information, digital recruitment has been on the rise with clinical research trials. For this reason we’ve outlined 3 of the most important things to keep in mind when planning out a successful patient recruitment plan.

  • Targeted Demographics. Digital marketing through online advertising can be very beneficial in targeting your appropriate patient demographic. Since most marketing is digital, it allows for collection of analytics and data to be used when predicting what the best strategies could be per indication and target patient population. Using the data available, online search engines allow you to set filters that specify the type of patients you want to recruit into your study. This provides a huge advantage over traditional advertising, since you are targeting patients who fall under the specifics of your protocol.
  • Get Connected with Patients on a Personal Level. Use social media to your advantage. Setting up a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram account to post statuses and compelling visuals about upcoming trials and exciting new studies at your site is a great way to spread the word and stay connected with your community. With attention spans shortening with sensory overload, sharing your trial information through video has become the most effective way to reach potential patients. With the new trend being instant videos in real-time like Snapchat and Instagram stories have become the quickest way to grab attention from potential patients. Visit our White papers for more intricate details on online advertising.
  • Maximize Recruitment. Traditional methods may not always be the best option, but for certain indication and patient populations – it might be the most effective. Try implementing both traditional (if applicable) and digital advertising to attract a variety of different patient populations in your communities. If your site knows that a certain type of traditional advertising campaign works well within your area, it might be worth launching this campaign in conjunction with a digital campaign. You may be interested in reading our case studies

Now these are just a few of the key attributes to having a successful digital recruitment plan. There are many other technologies available and new developments each day. We encourage your site to stay up to date with digital trends because that’s where your new patients will be!


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