5 Things You Need to Succeed In Healthcare Marketing

You know the old phrase, “Don’t run before you learn how to walk”? There are many parts to marketing that can seem overwhelming for sites and even hospitals. Just like most things in life, patient recruitment and marketing work like a sales funnel. As of 2016, there were more than 326 million people in the US, each one of them with their own personality and each one of them a potential patient. It’s imperative that you spread awareness about your site or your enrolling studies while keeping in mind that each method of reaching your prospective patients should still, in some way, be personalized.

If people are not aware of you or your trials, how will they ever enroll? For this reason, we’ve put this list together of 5 things you will need to succeed in healthcare marketing. We like to see the following in place for any hospital or research clinic, regardless of size or stature in the market:

A Patient Friendly Website. A website with capabilities to create landing pages that drive new patient acquisition from search and display marketing campaigns (along with the analytics to track activity). You will also need traffic drivers, which should be a constant flow of original content. This content should include information about your site, your upcoming trials, and press releases if you have them. The rise of content marketing as a significant discipline for connecting your health care brand to prospective patients and other audiences is due to its ability to connect online channels to reach, engage, and convert audiences with a consistent, overarching strategy. Your website is a patient’s first impression of your site and its doctors. Make sure it’s a good one!

Active Social Media. You’ve heard of them before. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Once you have your patient friendly website and landing pages where patients can convert and join your studies, you will want to utilize the endless reach of potential patients through various social media accounts and lead them to your website. According to recent Facebook data, the number one most asked for recommendation is a doctor or a healthcare provider. This is your opportunity to get in front of the right audience and share information about your site, your trials, and answer questions potential patients are asking.

Database. An email marketing database to nurture prospective patients and over time convert them into patients. This database will grow when patients fill out the forms on your landing pages or come into your site and sign up for a study. Any time you collect patient information, it should be stored and used as a method of retention. If your site has multiple studies where a patient can participate, you might want to use this as a remarketing tactic to get former patients to enroll for a second or third study.

Call Center. Once you have your website built, your social media accounts up and running, and your database has gained momentum on recruitment, you will want to make sure to your site is contacting potential patients in a timely manner – or else they may look for treatment elsewhere. A call center that can connect prospective patients to physicians for referral and to departments for scheduling procedures will be the most successful.

Strong Brand. An established brand positioning that is simple, unique, and compelling to prospective patients will resonate and turn into brand recognition and loyalty. Once you have an established brand and the rest is in working order, you are well on your way to becoming a trusted source in your community. Having a trusted brand means word of mouth referrals will increase and less spent on marketing in the long run. The end-goal of healthcare marketing, especially in clinical trials, means patients will be more likely to choose your site and study as the healthcare option.

The modern patient is in control of their health decisions more than ever and has information at their fingertips. It’s a competition of digital space and if you aren’t in the front line giving it your best, other sites will.

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