Travel Coordination is Part of the Patient Experience

We’ve seen it time and again; patients are more likely to follow through with a study when they have reliable transportation to and from their study visits. That’s why ClinEdge Engage offers travel coordination services for all modes of transportation, as well as reimbursement processes for out-of-pocket expenses incurred during a trip.

We all know that patient recruitment in a clinical trial is crucial for the trial to move forward successfully. There are many barriers that threaten patient retention, one of the largest being patient transportation. Across all indications, travel to and from a study site can be burdensome to the patient, whether it be the reliability of transportation, the expense, or any physical obstacles the patient faces. Many patients may not even consider the clinical trial opportunity if extensive travel is involved, and those that do may eventually discontinue the study as the burden of travel is oftentimes too much.

ClinEdge Engage’s travel program has identified these barriers to patient recruitment and retention and has developed a travel program that offers hassle-free and reliable transportation for patients and caregivers. We aim to remove the burden off of study sites, patients, and caregivers by offering a streamlined process for travel coordination, as well as expense reimbursement for visits during the clinical trial.

Our travel team understands the clinical trial industry, providing reliable support on both the patient and site level.

Methods Of Transportation TravelIsPartOfThePatientExperience

ClinEdge Engage travel services coordinate all methods of transportation, including airfare, hotel stays, and additional ground transportation. We also offer reimbursements for personal vehicle mileage and out-of-pocket expenses during the study visit, such as meals.

With extensive knowledge of IRB’s and regulations, ClinEdge Engage can help coordinate travel in countries all over the world. We have experience throughout North America and Europe, and offer 24/7 support in all timezones and languages.

Whenever we craft a patient travel plan, we build it around two main objectives: providing the most convenient travel experience possible to your patients and reducing burden on study site staff. We let you focus on what matters most–the patients you care for.

Centralized Booking

Patients expect the booking process to be seamless and hassle-free. Our travel team centralizes all bookings through a single point of contact. Our process is simple:

  • Site identifies a patient who is eligible for travel assistance.
  • Site staff works with patient or caregiver to complete basic travel forms.
  • ClinEdge receives these forms and contacts the patient or caregiver to book the travel itinerary that best fits their preferences.


Our reimbursement process is patient-friendly and IRB-compliant. In the U.S., patients receive reimbursements for travel-related expenses through a reloadable debit card, which is valid anywhere that accepts Visa. Outside the U.S., patients are reimbursed through direct deposit via our online portal.

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